Sunday, April 20, 2014

IT Marathon the 7th

Greetings to All..

It has been a very long time since this blog was last updated and we apologize for that deeply.
We in CITA would like to take the opportunity of hosting the 7th annual IT Marathon competition as a re-opener of our official blog.

For those of you who are new here, we are the College of Information Technology Association (CITA for short). We are the official representatives of CIT students in UAE University. For years we have successfully organized many events on both regional and local scope. Not all of the events we organize are official or professional, we do have some special events to give the students a chance to have fun while studying or to make them prepare mentally for midterms and/or finals.

Regarding the IT Marathon, its a competition held every year fro schools all around the Emirates to help the young students to be aware of all the new technologies and try to attract them to our specialization. For more details about this competition please visit this website: or send an email to: Now you can visit this FaceBook page to see more details: IT Marathon

This year's Marathon will be on Thursday May 8th, 2014. The registration for it will close on Thursday April 24th, 2014, Four days left! hurry up. 
Wish you all support our events and participate in them. Hopefully we will be active from today.

Until we meet next time, stay safe and be happy!